In salon Men's Haircut Training

$550/day rate + travel if necessary

I have a list of classes for in salon training : 3 or 6 hour classes available

Men's Foundational Studies (creating fundamental shapes and design)

Classic Barbering Haircuts (classic haircuts)

Clipper Over Comb (focusing on clipper techniques)

Fades Class (going really short, bald fades, old school barbering)

Please contact me for further details or need helping to decide which class to start with.  

Classic Barbering Class - Demo


This class is held at Allen Ray Salon in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.  It's a 3 hour class, demo only with a master barber and stylists combining their knowledge to empower you to make more money in the field.  We will teach hair, of course, but also business skills in creating more value.  

Grow your men's businees - In salon

$6000 + travel or Project Based

I want to help coach you and your team for an in salon training start to finish.  I can help grow your men's business without adding any other investment.  This would be a 3 month training, 2 visits per month.  First visit, we will create the foundation.  Second visit, we will dive deeper technically, practice what you learned previously, and include business coaching.  Third visit, we will dive deepest yet, work on subtle enhancements, and create strong communication between clients and each other.  You will have the full knowledge of creating a strong men's business, only adding to your current services.

This is the premium package, diving fully in but we can cater to your needs or I can just consult on the business without teaching your staff hair techniques.  

Get Coaching In Your Business

Project Based

Every business is at a different stage and I can help you get to the next one.  Growing is always easier when you have someone coaching your way through the process.  I have coaches and you should too.  This is customizable to your needs so price will vary based on a blueprint.  

Small Business Owners Class


This class is held at Allen Ray Salon in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.  This class is a 4 hour class for people who would like to start or already have an existing business with employees.  Usually a class like this is taught very left brain and out of a workbook but that's not how businesses are run.  I will help create an action plan based on where you're at and where you're going.  I have coaches and you should too!  

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