Change your future. 

There's a mountain in front of you and I'll help you climb it faster.

25 days, 25 activities to building your business.

There are so many programs that teach you technique but I'm here to teach you how to Grow your Business.  The most successful people are disciplined and focused and I'll coach you the way I coach  my own staff.  You'll have a coach on YOUR side!

Day 1: Increasing Your Value

Day 2: Hand & Body Positioning

Day 3: People's Perception

Day 4: Fundamental Design

Day 5: Sectioning & Parting

Day 6: Soft Skills

Day 7: Communication

Day 8: Focus

Day 9: Reasons People Leave

Day 10: Powerful Words

Day 11: Your Network

Day 12: Practice Your Weaknesses

Day 13: Retail Communication

Day 14: Know Your Numbers

Day 15: Memorization

Day 16: What you do in the Dark

Day 17: Fundamentally Recreating a Look

Day 18: Avatar

Day 19: Social Media

Day 20: Test

Day 21: Your Promise

Day 22: Elevator Speech

Day 23: Studying

Day 24: Video Taping Yourself

Day 25: Mentor

Day 26: Become a Teacher