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The Business of Beauty

October 24, 2017

Business is simple.  People are not.  In any industry, we find ourselves dreaming of no road blocks, driving straight through as fast as we can, with no police, in a really nice car.  Would that be lovely?  The hair industry has it's challenges and I've been tempted a couple of times to leave it all together.  What's pulled me back in are a few things.  One, I had amazing mentors.  So amazing that I feel like I would be doing a disfavor to not pass on the information that they gave me so passionately.  I feel like I would be selfish, hoarding all this knowledge to myself.  And two, I feel like there's no other industry where people care more and it's downright beautiful.  I love beauty and all that it has to offer.  My retirement career will be photographing wild animals.  :)  Beauty is my passion.  And making money in it is my creativity!  


Now I have an actual business with dependents, I have to create a living for other people, and I have to coach them in to being their best.  It's challenging catering to people's personalities, what drives them, egos and emotions, but it's our job and duty to create a living for these young people, creating that next generation, not dying out to independent "suites" because they feel that's their best choice.  


What's the secret?  My secret has been to get a coach in business the same way I got a coach in hair.  I didn't come out of school and somehow had enough discipline to learn the fundamentals of hair.  Most of us didn't go to college so we are creating our way in business.  Even if you did go to college, they teach information, they don't teach you how to make money.  The secret, just like hair, is that there is no secret.  There are fundamentals that we need to learn and there are disciplines we need to follow.  We just need to have enough strength, knowledge, insight, and perseverance to move the needle forward.  The reason I hired my first business coach was because he said what made sense to me, "Even the best athletes wouldn't go to the Olympics without a coach."  Getting a coach doesn't mean you don't know what you're doing, it means you want to make it to the top so why not learn from people who got there and can lead the way!  


My challenge for you is to get clarity.  Write your mission statement.  If you have one, update it or at least re read it.  If you don't, get a thesaurus out and create one.  Every word should be deliberate and thoughtful.  These are the words you will run your company and make decisions from so don't rush it.  It took me a month.  People talk about "millennial's".  I'm over it.  They're people, they're lost souls just like other young generations, they're looking for direction and something to follow so give it to them!   Everyone wants to be led and no one wants to be pushed.  


Thank you to my mentors, Jt Foxx, Mick Freund, Tom Schmeidlin, Kurt Kueffner, Sue Ryan and many more.


All my best,

-Amanda Olusanya-







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