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WHY teach?

October 30, 2017

There comes a point in your career, any career for that matter, that it becomes autopilot.  Autopilot is a survival mechanism that allows us to not get overwhelmed.  It can work against us though if we allow it to become complacency.  You'll also get to the point where you won't be able to learn to a deeper level until you teach someone else. 


I've been teaching for about 13 years now and there is a sense of vulnerability that can make you feel uncomfortable and humbled but it can also give you a shot of confidence that can make you feel worthy and even powerful.  Teaching has allowed me to dig deeper, answer hard questions, speak my truth, and help others.  Cutting hair can be transactional but teaching can be transformational because it allows you to answer those questions of WHY versus just HOW.  If you're wise enough, you'll remain a student and answer these questions that come hurdling towards us.  


Teaching also allows the industry as a whole to elevate.  Looking on a macro scale, economies thrive when the people are educated and how you repress people is a lack of knowledge.  The same holds true for any industry.  So it's crucial to keep elevating our ourselves to earn the respect and value we believe we deserve.  Growing is hard though.  People want to be successful and they want the knowledge but they don't want to do what it takes and won't be accountabe for their own roadblocks.  


If you're strong enough though, you give your knowledge, your secrets, your insecurities, and you expose yourself.  But giving this much can back fire.  It allows people to see who you are and eventually, they won't like something about you.  It reminds me of being a child when you see your  guardian as a hero but then one day you realize they don't have all the answers and they're human so you feel as though they're a fraud. Until, there is a realization that they just gave you everything they could and it now your job to outgrow them.  That's how I feel as a teacher, a coach and a mentor. 


What I leave you with is, I feel my job will never end and what I teach will grow along with me.  In the end, I will win by giving my all.   



-Amanda Olusanya-



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