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November 11, 2017

Some days you feel on top of the world.  Your clients are calling and you can't beat them away with a stick.  You're feeling good, what could go wrong?  And then the following week hits and you think, "where is everyone?" and it's hard not to take it as a personal insult to your ego.  It's cyclical and obnoxious.  So how do you smooth things out?  Control your schedule.  Easier said than done, I know.  As a salon owner, I feel that feeling is amplified x10 because not it's not just my schedule I need to keep full, it's an entire staff!  


Scheduling clients out is the obvious answer and it seems so easy until your clients give you every excuse not to book their next one until that same "squeeze them in on Friday night and it's their only option" happens again.  What's my suggestion?  I have a few.  Like everything I'm finding, create a "script" and have your comeback answers ready.  You may feel like you don't like scripts, and I don't like them either BUT what happens is you freeze and you don't have an answer.  If it's not working now, you'll fall into your own cycle when the client is in front of you again and you're busy.  Write it down.  Create a one-liner that feels so natural that when you are busy, it falls out of your mouth. When they have that "why they can't", you'll be prepared, and again, have those answers to the excuses that you already know are coming.  


I speak from experience.  I've always had a noncommittal attitude around my entire life, personally as well, so I never wanted to commit 4 weeks out, in case the airlines decided to throw a special deal and I needed to catch that flight!  And then I opened my salon and passed on all of those bad habits to everyone else but we've turned it around!  You need to be a speedboat, nimble and quick.  Once we decided things needed to change, we created a strong consultation where we include the maintenance schedule in the beginning along with the education of products.  We went from salon avg of 19% to 61% in a matter of months and I thank having a strategic plan to change that.   


My point?  It's like everything in business.  As my coach tells me (and it actually works), preparation + practice + persistence = success.  So write it down!  And practice it with someone until it feels natural and you work out the kinks.  This can work with any weak areas.  I promise you won't be disappointed if you actually do this exercise but the key is, you actually have to do it.  


So figure out what you're not good at and work on that.  Solve the problem by writing it down and practice it!  You'll be a force.  



-Amanda Olusanya-

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